Senocore Team

We specialise in the distribution of the finest products in diagnostics and treatment for breast cancer as well as oncological surgery. Highly specialised employees and a modern logistical structure make it possible to react quickly to the needs of the market and our customers. Senocore means modern products for you and your patients . Our extensive cooperation with medical experts will help you implement the best possible solution for your unit. Substantive knowledge and individual development paths are the key to your success and guarantee the highest quality of your procedures.

Trust us and we will do our best to make the diagnostics and treatment of your patients comfortable and effective.

Our Mission is:

Directions in Development:

To direct our growth into areas of thoracic surgery where we manifest maximum strength and capacity; to involve individuals and institutions that appear to enhance these areas; to develop those continuously through the assimilation of education and knowledge

Our objective:

To strive, without limitation, to achieve optimum reliability and quality in our products; to establish an unparalleled benchmark and to achieve a reputation for dedication, integrity, consistency of performance and service.

Our solutions:

We remove barriers and reach out to a larger group of people; we adapt our solutions to different institutions both public and private to ensure optimal conditions to solve health problems and guarantee people better health.

We connect our actions:

We connect our actions to people’s needs, we strive to improve lives with our medical technologies and solutions. We share our knowledge and lessons learned with patients so they can be more aware of their life and often difficult choices.

Non-standard solutions:

We operate outside the box; combining the dynamism and flexibility of a small company with the credibility and stability of a large corporation provides a holistic look at the problems of smaller facilities too to render the best service and after-sales service;

Our values:

To make a fair profit from current operations in order to meet our commitments, maintain growth and achieve our goals.

Investment in people:

Recognising the personal value of all employees by providing an employment framework that ensures job satisfaction, security, promotion opportunities and the opportunity to participate in the company’s success.


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