Bexcore Vacuum Assisted Breast Biopsy System

This advanced device is used for vacuum assisted breast biopsy of solid or litho-cystic lesions, which can be used for histopathological verification of ambiguous lesions located in the mammary gland without the need for surgery, i.e. open surgical biopsy. The system provides proven diagnostic and therapeutic solutions in breast surgery. Accurate diagnosis of ambiguous lesions and low-invasive treatment of benign lesions are possible without significant surgical incisions – under real-time ultrasound guidance. The Bexcore breast biopsy system transforms the breast biopsy experience for you, your patient and your practice.

Designed with direct users in mind, the fast, efficient, safe, with no extra disposable components meets the highest quality standards.         

Vacuum-assisted, automatic and safe sampling allows you to obtain just the right amount of tissue needed for both breast cancer diagnosis and treatment of benign cancerous lesions, while vacuum maintenance ensures fast operation and repeated material collection.

Fine stepped adjustment of the inside of the needle blade allows safe removal of tumours located close to the skin layer, facilitating the collection of only tumour tissue without damaging healthy tissue.

A unique touch screen interface allows visualisation of needle activity and at the same time allows the operator to control the device intuitively and configure the system quickly and easily. It is possible to customise the function of each button to the individual preferences of the operator.

Benefits for the user:

  • The state-of-the-art, fastest system on the market
  • Simple, intuitive touch screen interface
  • Real-time visual confirmation of needle activity
  • Ergonomic, lightweight Bexcore biopsy system head controller
  • No additional disposable components
  • High suction power
  • Four sizes of cutting chamber
  • Choice of reusable or disposable container
  • STOP push button – allows stopping collection of the tissue sample at any time

Benefits for the patient:

  • Possibility to add anaesthetic through the guidewire during the procedure
  • Single-use needle, with three cutting edges to facilitate penetration of “dense” glandular tissue without resistance
  • Possibility to leave a “marker” for later localization of the biopsy field

Detailed description and technical data

Simple, intuitive touch screen interface

  • Real-time visualisation of needle activity
  • Three-level suction power adjustment
  • Four sizes of cutting chamber (5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm, 20 mm): ¼ ½ ¾ 1
  • Possibility to customise the button function to suit operator’s individual  preferences
  • Manual control can be switched to foot pedal

The lightest on the market!!! Ergonomic handle:

  • Designed for maximum manoeuvrability, optimal for operator’s preference – lightweight, ergonomic handle compatible with Bexcore system
  • Closed tissue collection system – allowing easy access to specimens in the chamber
  • Built-in lighting reduces the need to switch lights on and off in the treatment room whilst facilitating visibility of the tissue being sampled
  • 8G and 10G biopsy needles with advanced head-fitting system, with audible click signals to lock in place and maintain needle in a stable and safe position for the operator
  • Possibility to use silicon and titanium markers for easier marking of the biopsy cavity
  • Possibility to attach an additional container for biopsy specimens
  • Possibility to administer anaesthetic during the procedure
  • Disposable needles with three cutting edges for easy and quick access without traumatizing tissue and reducing resistance during biopsy, thus patient discomfort
  • STOP push button – allows stopping collection of the tissue sample at any time




BXC 145

8 G – 109 mm

5 pcs./package

BXC 140

10 G – 109 mm

5 pcs./package


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