Collagen matrix designed for difficult cases

The BioBridge® Collagen Matrix is a new sterile implantable surgical mesh designed to provide support for the surgical treatment of lymphedema. This innovative threaded product is made from porcine collagen subjected to a rigorous purification process using Fibralign’s patented Nanoweave® technology, giving it the biological properties needed to rebuild and restore lymphatic paths’ function.

The implantation of the BioBridge biological implant is a minimally invasive procedure. The implant biodegrades and integrates into anatomical structures in the long term. Although the BioBridge implant is a new, ground-breaking support method for the treatment of lymphedema, it has already been used in several hundred cases requiring surgical treatment, where it has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for lymphedema occurring in the upper and lower limbs. It is routinely part of hybrid reconstruction and support for standard reconstructive techniques: lymphatic-venous anastomosis (LVA) and lymph node transfer (LNT).

The clinical cases analysed showed a significant reduction in limb volume and its return to normal size in a significant proportion of operated patients.

Lower Limb Lymphedema Before and After Surgery with LNT and BioBridge Preop Vdiffer = 35% – Postop Vdiffer = 7%

Upper Limb Lymphedema Before and After Surgery with LNT and BioBridge
Preop Vdiffer = 21% – Postop Vdiffer = 9%

Proven Performance and Safety

  • Bioengineered native tissue structure produced from only highly purified Type 1 porcine atelocollagen (pepsin treated)
  • Biocompatible, minimizes patient immunogenic response
  • Design to integrate into tissue and safely fully resorb
  • Highly porous multilumenal structure, promotes capillary flow
  • Ready to use, provided in single-use sterile packaging
  • High effectiveness in lymphatic system reconstruction procedures

BioBridge up close (1500x magnification): Fibralign’s Nanoweave technology enables the formation of a scaffold with native tissue nanostructure from highly purified atelocollagen — providing the mechanical properties needed for lymphatic repair while minimizing the immunogenic response.

Cross-section (190x magnified): BioBridge’s thin ribbon structure provides a highly porous matrix with very high surface area, making it ideal for cell attachment and excellent tissue integration.


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