In January 2020 in Slupsk we started the LYMPHA by Boccardo programme, i.e. prevention of lymphoedema during the removal of axillary lymph nodes in patients with breast cancer. Following the example of lymphological centres in Genoa and Barcelona, we perform LVA (lymphatic-venous anastomoses) of identified and damaged lymph vessels as early as during the surgery. We anastomose the cut vessels with small venous vessels so that there is no increase in pressure in the lymphatic system and no clinical signs of lymphoedema develop. Thanks to our procedure the risk of lymphedema decreases from 30% in patients with standard axillary lymphadenectomy to 4% in patients operated on in our hospital!!!

The LYMPHA technique also reduces the risk of lymphedema in patients with melanoma of the trunk and certain gynaecological cancers.

For whom?


  • patients eligible for axillary lymphadenectomy due to breast cancer
  • patients eligible for axillary lymphadenectomy due to melanoma of the trunk skin
  • patients undergoing surgical treatment for gynaecological tumours


Prevention is better than cure!
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LYMPHA can significantly reduce the risk of lymphedema




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