A two-day workshop on microsurgery and super microsurgery was held at the Janusz Korczak Specialist Hospital under the leadership of Daniel Maliszewski, MD. It was both a theoretical and practical workshop during which one of the most difficult reconstructive procedures of the breast was performed with the DIEP flap (Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap) where breast reconstruction was performed with the use of own tissues taken from the abdominal cavity of the patient. And under microscope guidance, anastomosis of the flap vessels with selected vessels located in the chest was performed.

Additionally, the participants took part in a lymphoedema treatment consisting of super microsurgical lymphatic-venous anastomoses (LVA) to decompress an inefficient lymphatic system. Three lymphatic-venous anastomoses were performed with extreme precision under a microscope. The patency of the resulting anastomoses was assessed using a near-infrared imaging with indocyanine green.

The patients felt well after the procedure and the whole surgical team was satisfied.

The participation of excellent oncological surgeons: Michał Lewandowicz, MD, and Michał Libiszewski, MD, from the Copernicus Multispecialised Oncology Centre in Łódź means an opportunity for the development of diagnostics and treatment of lymphoedema in this centre, thus giving hope to many patients who struggle with lymphoedema.


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